Making LEDs Brighter

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Wavien, through is manufacturer TCO, has created a true original with this unique combination of an ultra narrow beam static projector and incredible intensity – all in one!  The 10 Watt LED operates reliably for up to 60,000 hours!  The core technology that makes this projector a performance leader is the recycling reflector.  Unlike any other static projector design, this approach actually takes wasted light and “recycles” it – sending more light out the front.  Finally there is now an ultra bright AND ultra narrow beam projector – all in one.

Finally a  Spike-Pod

When it comes to creativity, this projector comes with a versatile patent-pending Spike-Pod.  This means that the TCO  RLT™ projector can be used spiked into the ground for outdoor landscaping or on a fine piece of indoor furniture!

Unlimited Image Variety. Use Simple 35mm Slides!

Images are the exciting part of the fun projector experience.  Since the RLT Recycling Light Technology is able to keep the LED so bright and COOL at the same time, images and logos of your favorite holidays, seasons, or even digital images from your own library can be created on super simple 35mm slides.  Pick from TCO’s collection or create your own with the included templates!

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